The hall suspended above ground in the lens of Tytus Szabelski

Some time ago we came across the photos of Torun Arena, made by Tytus Szabelski. We liked this photographic interpretation of our project. Today we have the pleasure to present it to you.

While designing a sports hall in Toruń, a lead theme was to create a modern facility simple in its shape, façade of which can be used as a huge multimedia panel. The hall is an architectural counterbalance to a beautiful historical architecture of Toruń. Its modernity was supposed to contrast with historical monuments in the city.

Simple massive cuboid shape with irregular cuts at its bottom enhances dynamics which is strong through the form and colour of the building body. We managed to create an impression that the building is suspended above the ground by providing large glazed surfaces at the ground floor, well-lit like an art gallery, and an overhang above the entry. This made the facility less monotonous, although still homogenous.

A detail enriching the cubic shape of the building is an LED energy-efficient point lighting system at its façade. It comprises a large multimedia display providing information, and a modern multimedia decoration of the hall. Dark, almost black, colour of the building body is a significant, although controversial, component of the design – this helped building a robust background for the illumination.

Glazed surfaces at the ground floor invite passers-by to enter the building. It is an all year round facility suitable for mass events and much more. The building itself has versatile functions. It became much more than an icon for the contemporary sport and leisure. Apart from space used for sports only, its elaborated functional programme supports commercial services, such as restaurants, SPA, fitness and gym at the ground floor, as well as a hotel section with conference rooms for training courses and meetings.

All functional zones of the hall, including the fan zone, area for athletes, VIP-media, service and an underground car park are linked together into a logical clear and ergonomic internal system facilitating fast movement of people between particular zones and efficient evacuation for mass events. The hall is suitable for organizing music concerts, fairs and exhibitions and similar events. Thus, the building is frequently used by many on a variety of occasions.