Second place in the competition


The concept of reconstruction with the expansion of the office buildings of the city and the historic town hall in Gorzów Wielkopolski and changes in land use within their urban surroundings.

"The jury, chaired by architect George Grochulski of SARP Warsaw, which included the mayor, officials and representatives of  SARP Gorzów, has just announced the results of the competition.

The works were received from 12 teams from across the Polish, as well as Slovenia. Three awards were given workshops: Atelier Loegler Architects of Krakow, Office Architects of Ljubljana and a team of architects from Warsaw Open.

The third prize was awarded to the studio Heinle, Wischer und Partner (Architects Edward Schultz and Anna Stryszewska - Slonsk).

Second prize went to the studio DEDECO from Szczecin.

While the winners of the competition were architects from Poznań Jerzy Gurawski, Blażej Szurowski and Bartosz Gurawski and cooperating with them Łukasz Jagielski Jagielski, ARPA from Poznań.

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