New project in Szczecin – residential building in the Old Town designed by Dedeco

The investment is located in the area of pre-war development, which in the past was part of medieval Szczecin. Buildings that had been damaged, were dismantled after the war, and the area itself was rebuilt.

At present, the whole place is a developed area, mostly built with driveways, parking and small green areas in the back.

The architectural form is based on the historical context of the place and the function of the building. The investment is located in the area of the Old Town, which is listed in the register of monuments.

The design priority was to maintain a continuous structure of the street and improve the quality of public space. The new development refers to the principles of the historical composition of the frontage and the character of the preserved old town buildings.

Considering the function of the building and present conditions of use, in accordance with conservation recommendations, the building was divided into three main sections, differing in height (by min 1.5m), with shape according to the drop of land. Within the three façade segments, additional vertical divisions have been introduced, exposing historical parcel divisions. By using the described architectural measures, the façade of the building will be broken up by vertical divisions.

Facade details as well as the entire building will be done of traditional building materials, referring to the historical, used in neighboring buildings (the largest part of the plastering excursion on the facades).

Part of the ground floor dedicated to service premises, is distinguished in the elevation. Eastern and western façades are shaped by analogous architectural measures as on the front elevation. Archival materials show that historical buildings that did not exist already had subdued colors and were also proposed in the design of the building.

On the inside of the building were repainted in the façade materials from the front of the building, but the character of the architecture is more contemporary.
On the ground floor there is an underground garage and technical and auxiliary rooms and storage rooms.