DEDECO as a sponsor of the Society of Friends of the National Museum in Szczecin

We treat culture and art as an important factor in social development. By visiting museums, collecting various works of art, our potential for aesthetic sensitivity, including architectural sensitivity, is enhanced, we build our identity, stimulate creativity and broaden our horizons.

We respect culture and art. Out of it has come our need to support heritage protection, infrastructure development and cultural education. That is why every year we allocate funds to the Society of Friends of the National Museum in Szczecin.

The aim of the Association is to constantly support the activities of the National Museum in Szczecin and to cooperate with its further development. These plans are implemented on several levels by:

  •     purchase of works of art, and then their lending or donation to the National Museum in Szczecin;
  •     organizing events and activities to exhibit, promote and support art and artistic, historical and social education;
  •     supporting scientific work in the field of art and history of the city of Szczecin and its cultural monuments.

In 2014, the first purchase was made - an auction of Ludwig August Most's "Portrait of the Kühn family" was auctioned at the auctionata office in the Berlin Auction House, which was transferred to the National Museum in Szczecin. In the following years, the Society's collection grew by four new acquisitions - a painting by Jacques Chapiro "Portrait. Still life with a portrait of Vincent van Gogh", "Map of the Pomeranian Province" by David Gilly, another image of Ludwig August Most "Portrait of Emil Baesemann" and a painting by Wojciech Zieliński "I met other people going in the opposite direction ... TB." The first three went to the National Museum in Szczecin. In June 2016, the Association supported the purchase of Wojciech Gerson's painting, which also went to the museum in Szczecin.

The nature of the Association's statutory activities, including, above all, the purchase of works of art, requires significant financial resources. Some funds come from entities that have decided to donate to him, including DEDECO.

The image we have attached to this article is "Rights of the side" by Maciej Woltman. Here you will find a description of the work.