I-st place in the competition "DOM 2012": the best Investment Construction on both sides of the eastern border of the European Union Square

The project was conducted in a public tender

Location: Puławy, ul. Ignacego Mościckiego
Investor: City of Pulawy
Project: Concept (competition), construction, executive

Simplicity and green are typical for the facility designated to implement new technologies.

the whole office space immersed in the park is divided into outer space with yard in front of the building used as a car park, and inner space which is open, transparent, and saturated with green. The two spaces are divided by the front elevation of the building made of local sand stone. Behind the external wall, visible are three simple blocks housing three basic functions of the Park. The building is developed in the further part of the plot. Therefore, it can be seen from a wider perspective and the elevation is a showpiece development.

The project supports the mission of the Park focusing on developing knowledge-driven enterprises which use advanced and environment friendly technologies and developing a model cooperation involving companies, research centres and universities.

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